About EEKO 3PL


Enterprise 3PL solutions embedded with family values

EEKO 3PL is a Canadian, family-owned corporation whose vision focuses on environment sustainability, employee empowerment, team culture and an overall elevated customer experience.

EEKO 3PL was founded in 2009 by three brothers who set out to make positive changes in Vancouver’s local courier and freight industry. Going against the industry-standard, the brothers implemented an employee model, empowering a mission-driven team to foster a community-driven culture.


Becoming a complete 3PL solution

In 2017, EEKO launched its inaugural warehouse facility providing warehousing, order fulfillment and inventory management – becoming a complete 3PL solution.

Building long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships is a core competency of EEKO. These partnerships are made possible by creating value-added tailored solutions, providing excellent service, and utilizing industry leading technologies.

Our Clients