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Last Mile Delivery Services

Delivery services that support you through the last mile

The last leg of a package’s journey is often the most difficult. EEKO offers Last Mile Delivery Services that make getting your packages through that final mile seamless. Being an extension of your company, we pride ourselves on providing an elevated level of service to you and your customers, ensuring deliveries are completed efficiently and professionally.

Offering several Same-Day package delivery service options and innovative distribution solutions, we’ve got you covered throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our experienced team of dispatchers with (a lot of) assistance from state-of-the-art technology, specializes in On-Demand deliveries and high- volume distribution.

Final Mile Delivery & Distribution

EEKO is fully accountable for providing a continuous and uninterrupted package delivery service and has experience in receiving, sorting, scanning, and distributing upwards of 1,000 package deliveries in a day.

Whether you’re using our warehousing and fulfillment services or deploying our fleet to yours, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to build highly efficient routes and provide end recipients with notifications along the way.

Custom Dedicated Logistics

We love the opportunity to get creative! Being nimble in a rigid industry allows for innovative yet simplified and sustainable solutions. Let us learn about your distribution needs and we will be happy to create a dedicated service that will help increase efficiency, productivity, and improve your bottom line.


Courier & Final Mile

EEKO Courier & Delivery Terms of Service
What is your local courier and last mile delivery coverage area?
We offer same day courier services in Vancouver and as far west as Horseshoe Bay and as far east as Chilliwack. A network of partners is available if a customer needs national shipments.
If I don’t have an account with EEKO can I still use your services?
We try to accommodate as many one off or cash calls as possible, but it is dependent on delivery details and current order/fleet capacity.
Do you have an online order entering system?
Yes, all clients have 24/7 access to our online ordering and tracking system. Clients have the option to log in through a desktop application or via a web portal. Once logged in, customers are able to obtain quotes, submit orders, track live orders, review order history, and generate reports.
How do I know when a delivery is complete?
Orders can be monitored via our public tracking page or logging in to your customer portal. Clients also have the option to receive automatically generated emails upon completion of a delivery.